by Years End

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Edward Smith
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Edward Smith Great music, great guys! So glad to hear this EP and can't wait to hear more from them! Favorite track: Stitch Your Own Coattail.
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released July 16, 2013

Recorded and Produced by Shane Frisby at The Brick HitHouse in Hyannis, MA. Mixed and Mastered by Peter Rutcho.



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Years End Martinsburg, West Virginia

Years End are a Melodic Hardcore band that formed in 2012. As their musical development keeps exceeding prior endeavors, they constantly thrive to make that a habitual statement. From the de-tuned, complex riffs, to the melodic breaks and choruses. Years End are precise in every aspect of their art. "We hope our listeners will cherish the meaning and passion of our music as much as we do!" -YE ... more

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Track Name: Little Elliot Drive
Lately, I am spread thin
and sleeping on my stomach
and I don’t know
if I’m the man I used to be

Because whatever hope I had
I left on third third story
On Little Elliot Drive

Northbound 81 and fucking worthless
Who would have ever thought
my youth would fall the hardest and let me go?
Let me go.

And I’m not saying that I’ve gotten any better
but after last year
I’m waiting for a better day to dawn
then the world won’t seem so black and white

I’ve lost track of the miles beneath my feet
if a beacon shines
It is not upon me
I’ve lost track of the miles beneath my feet
But I will tread on
a beacon is all I seek

It took me seventeen years to feel okay
and just one for the foundation to crack
Track Name: Stitch Your Own Coattail
Keep life pressed against your fingers
and I swear to you
the sad songs will all sound more like echoes
Distant and Cavernous

Give up and walk away
do what makes your life worth living
Only trust the ones that have been there
always since the beginning

I’m nineteen years old
with a fucking deathwish
but I gave my word
that I will never quit on the ones that had faith in me
I will never quit
Have faith in me

These days it’s all that I fucking have
it’s all that I have left to give
Left to give

Make your last words ring
Make your mark bold
Leave a paper trail behind your legacy
Make your last words ring true
Track Name: Silver Lining
I am mending something that I’m not quite sure will heal
an empty and cracked cup but I’m picking up the pieces.
It’s getting easier at fighting 3 a.m.

I’m finding the silver lining
no matter how far I have to dig my hands into the dirt.

I’ve known war
and I’ve known peace
but I’m so fucking tired of losing blood over both
and I’m so fucking tired of singing songs of giving up

I’m giving up
I’m giving in

Because the only way I’m going to make it through this year
is by being honest with myself
and not biting my tongue

My life is an open book
and every single chapter I’m writing a swan song
and I know not of stars but I know of the shimmer of broken glass.

Life is out, I promise you
May it be in the light of your first love’s eyes

And after all of the longer nights
there is still some hope instilled in me.

There’s still some hope in me.